What To Expect

What To ExpectMy SEO services are process driven to ensure the very best service and success for my clients.

Currently I am operating a 6 stage strategy as detailed below:

Stage 1 – Client consultation

The goals of this stage are:

1. I have a total understanding of the clients business and website goal(s)

2. The client is fully aware of all the stages and what to expect

3. All the clients questions are answered

Stage 2 - Keyword research

The goals of this stage are:

1. Expand initial keyword ideas to the maximum amount of high quality relevant keywords that have good amounts of traffic associated with them using both several high calibre keyword research software’s in addition to manual research.

2. Analyse each keyword on several performance indicators

3. Decide on the best keywords to target

4. Define keyword batches*

* Batches make use of my “primary” and “secondary” keyword strategy. Please see the FAQ’s for more information about this strategy.

Stage 3 - Website review and recommendations

The goals of this stage are:

1. Conduct personal “hands on” review (performed by Scott)

2. Website changes (if any) recommendations document

3. Site improved where viable

Stage 4 - Strategy development

The goals of this stage are:

1. Analyse the top 10 websites for each keyword

2. Discuss various SEO strategy types with the client

3. Define and agree initial strategy

Stage 5 - Organic white hat* link building

* Please note: My link building is 100% guaranteed white hat ethical linking. Not all SEO services or software are white hat and ethical. For more information please see my FAQ’s.

The goals of this stage are:

1. Analyse the top 10 sites for each keyword (current and past) to review their linking mix and growth

2. Creation of 100% copyscape passed unique content to use in link / domain assets created for you

3. Link / domain strategy created

4. Building backlinks on very high powered / trusted domains (moz domain authority over 40, majestic citation and trust flow over 20) whose content is solely about your niche.

Stage 6 - Monitoring, review and further recommendations and strategy edits

The goals of this stage are:

1. Monitoring of success achieved so far

2. Monthly “hands on “ review of the entire client account and performance

3. If required, further recommendations and tweaks to the strategy

Professional SEO that delivers constant results is not a fixed process. Once we reach stage 6 every SEO campaign requires regular reviews and potential tweaks to the strategy for maximum results. Therefore, stage 6 is a looping stage.

The most common strategy change in stage 6 is to decide on new keywords as the last batches are all now at the top of the search engines.

Throughout the stages I am also very proactive and contact my clients as soon as I have a new idea to help their business (SEO related or otherwise).

My clients are also most welcome to contact me as much as they like, after all, I’m here to help your business become a lot more successful so my clients are encouraged to speak with me regularly.

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