What I Won't Do

What I Won't DoI will try to move heaven and earth to help my clients achieve more and more success. However there are a small number of things I won’t do and I always prefer to be up front and honest from the start.

1. Set unrealistic expectation.

I am one of the most honest, “tell it as it is” internet marketers there is. Unlike some of my competitors I refuse to over promise or set unrealistic expectations with my potential and current clients to simply try and close more business.  To me a relationship is built upon trust, integrity and honesty. My goal is to build long term mutually beneficial relationships with my clients and not to simply try and sell as many plans as possible.

2. Work on certain types of websites

For various reasons I will not work on such sites or content as:

Adult products / services / themes Adult products / services / themes Bashing or hatred sites Bashing or hatred sites
Weapon sites Weapon sites Extreme political view sites Extreme political view sites
contact me or anything I feel is unethical or against my values – if in doubt please contact me.


3. Share or release your private data

I will never share any information or data that is not in the public domain already of any past or current client with anyone, ever.

For example, if I had a client that had a widget website who was doing really well in the search engines due to my services, and another widget company joined my services, the new company would receive totally separate research data and would not be told any information about widget company #1, ever.

I have a very strong sense of ethics and will never create a conflict of interest for myself or any of my clients.

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