SEO Support Sites

SEO Support Sites

In addition to my standard SEO packages, I also provide a special "booster" technique that I call "support sites". This is the best way to get the most out of your SEO if you really want to go for the whole complete package, although it is not absolutely necessary if you just prefer the standard service, which is still extremely powerful and what the top agencies offer.

What Exactly Is a Support Site?

Basically, a support site is a micro site that has two specific goals:

1. To become an authority for four keywords so that it hits page one in Google and can be used to direct powerful backlinks to your main website. A backlink from such a site would be as powerful as many thousand great quality sites.

2. To gain additional business for you to cover the cost of the support site and also potentially make additional profits.

Is It Absolutely Necessary?

A support site should be thought of as an additional bonus rather than an absolutely necessary part of my SEO packages. My standard packages are very powerful and will boost your SEO so that you can start taking advantage of targeted search engine traffic. However, if you really want to turbo charge your SEO efforts then support site(s) can be an excellent addition to the mix.

How Does It Work?

The basic procedure can be split up into six different stages. The following is the standard process that you can expect when you want me to create a support site:

1. Keyword Research: As with any SEO tactic, it all starts with in-depth keyword research. I will carry out all of the research and discuss your options with you so that we can together choose the main keyword along with three other keywords to focus on.

NOTE: It is always best here to choose initial keywords that are relatively easy to rank for. The aim is to get the website to reach page one in Google as soon as possible so that it can generate powerful links to the main target site. If you pick a very competitive keyword this goes against the strategy, so always keep this in mind.

2. Exact Match Domain: I will then use the main keyword to create the domain name of your website. The name will be the same as the main keyword (e.g. If your main keyword is "blue widgets", the domain name will be,, or another variation. This is called an EMD (exact match domain), which will give it more power. It should be noted that Google recently updated its algorithm to reduce the power of EMDs. However, the update targeted poor websites that used EMDs to improve their results. Strong websites with an EMD are actually performing better since the update, so it remains a recommended tactic.

3. Website Setup: I will then set up the web hosting and launch a WordPress website. I will download an attractive template and make SEO tweaks to the site to make it as powerful as possible. I’m happy to send you an example of the template I use if you contact me, but you can always customise it yourself. In fact, I highly recommend doing this so that the site can actually start to get you additional business to pay for itself.

4. Add Content: Once the website is set up, I will connect my content system to the site and this will add at least 50 new pages of unique content every month. These will all contain a random internal link from a list of target pages and a large collection of keywords. This is extremely powerful because:

a. The site is growing in page size all the time.

b. Google sees that it is updated regularly.

c. There are many variations of related keywords in the internal backlink anchor text, which is more natural and very powerful.

d. All new pages have a small section copied and added into five second-layer sites like Blogger, with a link pointing back to the page. So now we have a total of six different sites in the mix.

5. SEO the Sites: I then SEO all of the six sites (the one support site and five second-layer sites) using my SEO strategies. I will then provide you with a ranking system so that you can see the updated rank of your main support site every day.

6. Add Backlinks: Once the site makes it onto page one of Google, we are now safe to add some backlinks pointing back to your main site (or any other site you wish to boost).

My Recommendation: The Churn Strategy

One of the best ways to work with support sites is to start off with about five websites. Once we have worked on these to get them to the top of the Google rankings and they are providing you with more profit than it costs to run them, I recommend using some of that profit to pay for more support sites.

By doing this, you are making an initial investment to get the first batch of support sites off the ground. However, after this you are simply building lots of very powerful micro sites without any further investment because the support sites are earning you more than they cost to maintain.

You can then enjoy the extra business that comes in as well as some insanely powerful links back to your main business website.

And here's the key - these are the types of links that your competition simply cannot get hold of (at least not at this price).

How Much Does It Cost?

Before we get onto the subject of costs, it's important that you first consider everything that you will receive. This includes:

1. Domain name and full hosting (multiple support sites will be hosted on separate hosts).

2. WordPress setup and SEO tweaks.

3. At least 50+ new pages of content every month with a very powerful internal linking system.

4. Each new page has a small part placed onto five other websites with a link back to the main support site.

5. Six websites all fully SEO'd.

6. Online ranking system to check updated results every day.

To put that in perspective, some clients who I've managed to get to the top of Google don't have half of this on their own websites so hopefully you can see how powerful this is.

With that in mind, the costs are:

- £75 per month (+VAT) for SEO clients (i.e. any clients who already have a live SEO package)

- £150 per month (+VAT) for non-SEO clients

Please remember that, as with all my services, there is no tie-in contract. Also, once you have had the site up and running for 12 months or more it is yours to keep and I will transfer everything in your name for just £95 (+VAT).

The Content System

The content system that I use has many different niches, all of which you can see below. It is important to stress that even if your exact niche is not on the list, as long as it is a relative subject this strategy will still work.

For example, if you specialise in .edu backlinks for SEO, the general SEO category would be ideal. I am constantly adding new niches to the list, so please feel free to get in touch if you would like to add any niche that you don’t see in the list.

Automotive > Car Shopping

Business > Affiliate Marketing

Business > Article Marketing

Business > Email Marketing

Business > Forex

Business > Home Business

Business > Internet Marketing

Business > Mobile Marketing

Business > Network Marketing

Business > Search Engine Optimisation

Business > Social Media Marketing

Business > Video Marketing

Education > College

Education > Homeschooling

Finance > Coupons

Finance > Credit Cards

Finance > Credit Repair

Finance > Employment

Finance > Insurance - Auto

Finance > Insurance - General

Finance > Insurance - Life

Finance > Payday Loans

Finance > Personal Bankruptcy

Finance > Personal Finance

Finance > Real Estate - Buying

Finance > Real Estate - Commercial

Finance > Stock Market

Food > Coffee

Food > Wine

Health > Acne

Health > Aging

Health > Allergies

Health > Anxiety

Health > Arthritis

Health > Asthma

Health > Back Pain

Health > Beauty

Health > Cancer

Health > Cosmetic Surgery

Health > Dental Care

Health > Depression

Health > Diabetes

Health > Fitness

Health > Hair Care

Health > Hair Loss

Health > Haemorrhoids

Health > Insurance - Health

Health > Juicing

Health > Memory

Health > Muscle Building

Health > Nutrition

Health > Panic Attacks

Health > Personal Development

Health > Quit Smoking

Health > Skin Care

Health > Sleep Apnea

Health > Snoring

Health > Stress

Health > Teeth Whitening

Health > Tinnitus

Health > Weight Loss

Health > Yeast Infection

Home And Family > Cooking

Home And Family > Dog Training

Home And Family > Gardening

Home And Family > Home Improvement

Home And Family > Insurance - Home Owner's

Home And Family > Interior Design

Home And Family > Landscaping

Home And Family > Organic Gardening

Home And Family > Parenting

Home And Family > Pest Control

Home And Family > Plumbing

Home And Family > Pregnancy

Recreation > Camping

Recreation > Fishing

Recreation > Golf

Recreation > Photography

Recreation > Travel

Recreation > Video Games

Shopping > Jewellery

Society > Fashion

Society > Real Estate - Selling

Society > Weddings

Technology > Blogging

Technology > Green Energy

Technology > iPad

Technology > iPhone

Technology > Web Design

Technology > Web Hosting

How to Order Your Support Site

Ordering your support site is simple - just click on this link to purchase. And of course, if you have any questions then please feel free to contact me.