In this area I like to share websites that I feel offer may benefit you and your business.

Service: Domain names: Name Cheap

Description: NameCheap are another great domain name company. Fully featured reliable control panel and very helpful staff.

Service: Website hosting: Heart Internet

Description: Heart Internet are my favourite host when targeting UK traffic as their servers are UK based. The price they charge for the spec and service is amazing. Yes, you can get cheaper hosting but you wont get such great hardware, totally amazing control panel and service. If you have multiple sites I would recommend their reseller package which I have with 100s of domains on all working perfectly. Their controls panels are second to know. Highly recommended.

Tool: Find out who hosts a website:

Description: WhoIsHostingThis? is a webmaster tool that lets you discover which web hosting company any site is hosted with. Lifehacker recommends the tool for anyone curious about which hosting company their favourite website uses. The tool has many applications whether you are a webmaster looking for the right hosting company or a lawyer looking to track down content thieves and serve DMCA notices. also has a hosting comparison tool and a wealth of user reviews.

Service: Video presentation: Live Face On The Web

Description: Nothing speaks to your visitors like a real person. I find a great way to engage with your visitor is to have the core of your offerings shown by a professional actor / actress and this is how Live Face On The Web can help. I even use them on my home page and some SEO targeted landing pages. I’ve seen an increase in conversion rates every time I’ve used them and to top it off, they are one of the most friendly and professional bunch of folks I’ve worked with.

Service:Google shopping data feed optimisation

Description: DataFeedWatch is a new service that offers data feed optimisation for shops that want to advertise on Google Shopping and other channels.

Service: Keyword research software:  Market Samurai

Description: I personally use over a dozen different keyword software packages to combine data in my keyword analysis stage for my clients, but if there was just one piece of software I would recommend it would have to be Market Samurai. One off cost (unlike a lot of keyword research services which is monthly) and the ability to perform simple keyword data-mining right up to in-depth analysis. My only advice would be to take the time out to watch all the free training videos to ensure you get the most from this software. You can also download a free fully working trial which I would certainly recommend.

Service: Email list marketing: Mail Chimp

Description: Email list marketing is something I learned the power of many many years ago and something I do with my inner circle groups now and again as it’s truly a very powerful way of leveraging profit from the internet. To me there is only one major player in email marketing and that has to be MailChimp. Very simple and easy to use but the moment you start to watch their free training videos you understand how much power you have in your hands.

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