Proof Of Power

When you’re considering an SEO provider there are many factors to consider such as…

1. Their depth and breadth of knowledge

How up to date they are with their strategies and how they stay up to date

3. Do you deal with the SEO team directly or via account managers / sales people

4.  Do you feel you can work with them effectively and have confidence in them

… but overall the most important factor is their “power”, ie what will they ultimately achieve for you. Now, whilst past performance is no guarantee of future performance, seeing what has been achieved in the past is certainly a very important factor when comparing SEO providers.

So with this in mind, I have listed a small sample of some of the keywords I work with.

Keyword Which Google Page ?
crooked teeth Manchester 1st Page
vintage wedding hair 1st Page
tooth loss Manchester1st Page
reading sunglasses 1st Page
botox courses 1st Page
british eventing dressage tests1st Page
mens reading glasses 1st Page
childrens party bags 1st Page
equestrian dvds1st Page
catering companies Manchester 1st Page
send champagne 1st Page
botox training1st Page
paintball goggles UK 1st Page
catering media city 1st Page
champagne gift1st Page
chauffeur hire London 1st Page
London chauffeur car hire 1st Page
paintball goggles1st Page
Bury hair removal 1st Page
Bury laser hair removal 1st Page
kids party bags 1st Page


Want to see more proof of power ? No problem, give me a call on 0800 99 89 530  and I’ll be delighted to show you many more page 1 results from a wide and diverse range of sites and keywords. I’m looking forward to chatting with you soon.