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Free ConsultationBefore I take on any new website / client I like to do a full review to ensure that I can help them. This helps me to gauge the niche so I can advise accordingly, set expectations correctly, advise on strategy(s) and it’s also nice that potential clients get to see how I work, which is a little different than the norm (in a good way I’m told).

With this in mind, I like to offer anyone considering my services a free, no obligation, no expectation SEO review pack. Your personal review pack contains valuable information required in the planning and strategy to maximise SEO success. Don’t worry, once you receive your pack I’ll only contact you to see if you have any questions. I don’t do any of this high pressure selling rubbish, I prefer to leave people to make up their own minds and focus on helping people – this tactic has worked pretty well for me.

Your free review will include…

Data on your competitors

Here I will look at up to 3 of your competitors (unlimited for paying clients) and look at what success they are having with SEO and PPC. Such information includes their rank, traffic, ROI, bids, advert CTR rates and much more. When potential clients see this they are often blown away with what data I can find which we can “borrow”, saving you both time and money by taking your competitors success and improving on it.

On the page review

How your website is coded is very important for SEO success and can make up around 20% of the “power” for maximum results so it’s important that the foundation ie your site, is as powerful as possible before a  professional backlink strategy is executed. With this in mind I’ll review 1 web page of your choice (unlimited for paying clients) for any keyword and provide a full in-depth report that will not only look at what is required for search engine domination, but also compare your web page with that of the top ranking site.

Keyword data mini set

Targeting the right keywords can mean the difference between failure and success. Sure, I know I can get your site to the top of the search engines, but if being at the top doesn’t yield good traffic volume and / or they don’t convert into profit then the whole exercise has been a waste of time. Unlike some of my competitors that solely focus on getting top results, I prefer to ensure we are targeting those keywords that are going to result in profit and this is where professional keyword research comes in.

With this in mind, if you provide me with a small list of “seed” keywords ie keywords / keyphrases that are very obvious that your potential customer would use, I will then use these seed keywords to build up a bigger list and then gain data for each. The data includes local broad and exact search volumes and “all in title” data which gives a rough overview of the strength of competition for each keyword.

This “mini set” is designed to a) show you the data we would work with and b) look at a good selection of keywords so we can gauge what potential your niche current has online. Paying clients receive full unlimited keyword data and advice from me.

So, after you receive your review pack you’ll know inside data on your competitors, know what needs to be done to your site to maximize results and know which keyword direction is the best way to go.

I also like to spend 20-30 minutes explaining the data on the telephone to you, strategies etc so you know what options you have. I will then leave you to consider if you wish to use my services. No hard sell, no hard close. I will leave it up to you. If you want to take advantage of my services you know where I am – I certainly won’t be pestering you.

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